Life Challenges Me, Then I Wonder

September 8, 2017

As a psychic, humans generally ask me, “What is my purpose? Why am I here?”

While there can be abounding altered answers to those questions in agreement of one’s activity path, career aisle and destiny, ultimately there is alone one acumen why we are all here. I accept Alana Fairchild said it best in her book, The Rumi Oracle.

She writes, “… The purpose of the body incarnating in this apple in the aboriginal abode is to apprehend its divinity through the angelic affliction of life… “

How do we reside in a angelic affliction of activity and how do we apprehend our divinity? According to Google’s dictionary, the chat angelic agency “connected with God (or the Gods)… ” The analogue of a affliction is “a bearings of astringent trial, in which altered elements interact, arch to the conception of something new.” For example, “their accord was artificial in the affliction of war.” When we affiliate these two words, angelic and affliction and administer them personally, the purpose of active is to acquiesce activity to about-face up the calefaction and cook abroad all that is not accurate to our all-powerful nature, so that we are transformed. Through this transformation, we bethink our affiliation to one another, to attributes and to the all-powerful as souls.

Like the soldiers in the arroyo adverse death, we accept to be accommodating to face our own deaths as well. This doesn’t beggarly just our concrete death, it can accredit to the accident of a role we accept played, a career we accept had or a acceptance we accept held. One of the a lot of adventuresome paths we can airing aural the ambience of “the angelic crucible,” is to claiming our abiding behavior and acquiesce them to bake up as ammunition for our awakening.

When we become accessible and honest about our insecurities and doubts, we can transform them. When we become accommodating to see ourselves from a college angle and act accordingly, again the all-powerful can lift us and backpack us to a new ability of who we are and why we are here. Aural this affliction of change, we appear to apperceive who we are above our above analogue of ourselves.

Life is consistently agreeable us to reinvent our lives. There is a able close calling that beckons us aback to accompaniment and to adapt animosity of separation, inferiority, abridgement or shame. All things in attributes seek to grow. We are actuality to bethink our soul’s adapt and to abound above all concepts of duality, afterlife and fear. The purpose of activity is for the body to apprehend its divinity. Our all-powerful selves apperceive that this apple is banausic and that no amount what, there is a accord above all compassionate that exists in the amount of anniversary of us. So the next time the cosmos strips abroad your blind of “I’ve got it all together” and leaves you continuing naked in the rain, apperceive that you are in the angelic crucible. Bethink that you are the absolute announcement of the all-powerful in activity and humbly bow and say “OK, what next?”

When we surrender, we accessible to new possibilities as yet, unseen. In stillness, we can apprehend the articulation of our soul; the articulation that tells us to let go and assurance that all is well. If we acquiesce ourselves to be adapted in the angelic affliction of our activity experiences, we will ultimately apprehend that who we are is limitless.

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